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Gillette Vector Cartridges are catridges with a pivoted head and twin blade system, which are precisely placed to give two cuts of hair at a single time and also the shaving is hassle free without cuts and nicks. The shaving process becomes faster due to the twin blade system. Gillette Vector Cartridges comes with lubricating strips which are enriched with aloevera and vitamin E to give a irritation free, hygienic shaving experience. These lubricants become active when they are wet. Best shaving experience guaranteed when used with the Gillette vector razor. Use Gillette Vector Cartridges to have a hassle free shaving experience.

In 1900 the Gillette saga began and it was started by King C. Gillette. He had a revolutionary idea of disposable blades and turned this dream into reality with his unique innovation. Since then Gillette has been on a legacy of precision serving people with their shaving needs. Gillette Company was merged with Procter & Gamble in the year 2005.




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